Fashionably elegant and sophisticated steel front doors; industrially made, but customizable to your needs, taste and means

Not just Style, but Safety and Insulation

Exterior Doors

Fully finished European Entry doors.

Made to Order

As everybody needs are different our doors are customizable based on your requirements and style.

Maybe it is important for you to have double doors, or to have a window in the middle of the door, or you want the door appear wooden from outside to match the exterior of your house. Maybe you interior is in modern techno style and you want entrance door to match it. Or maybe your entry foyer is dark and mirror on the door would make it brighter. Maybe there is no foyer and entrance door leads directly to the living space and you want it to feel warm even in the middle of harsh Canadian winter?

Those are just examples of myriad possible choices we will help you make so the unique door in your house would match your expectations. There are three basic door elements: base, exterior and interior finishes.

Steel Base

The base of exterior door is composed from a weight bearing metallic ribs and steel plates. Trapezoid profile of the ribs makes frame burglar resistant. Mineral wool filling inner space provides insulation and sound proofing. Here are some examples, more options are available based on your needs.


FACTOR base is suitable for places with no direct atmosphere access, e.g. door into garage or condo door from interior hallway.


DS-7 is fully equipped to stand the temperature drop and is suitable for front or back house doors.


DS-10 is thicker than the DS-7 and features a thermal break. Even in the coldest winter night this door would keep your warm.

Exterior Finish

You have plenty of choices: Flat metal (laminated or painted); Decorative metal (embossing, forging, add-on or aerography); Decorative panels (plastic, laminated, painted, veneered or solid wood).

Interior Finish

Decorate inner part of the door with plastic, laminated, painted, veneered or solid wood panels to match an interior design of your home. Consider mirror insert to make your entryway visually bigger.

Note: not all finish options are compatible between each other and across available door bases. Please, schedule your free consultation to learn about options and compatibility.

Interior Doors

Also check out our interior doors. Made from a solid wood with a multi layer finish they complement and reinforce look and feel of the exterior doors.

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